Controversy in Beer! (Podcast)


On tap this week: Baseball bets, The Marine Corp. Birthday, North Dakota brewery is putting shelter dogs on its beer cans, Beer laced with ASBESTOS from the 1970s, Natty Light is trolling Miller Lite, Minnesota is now drinking alone when it comes to 3.2 beer, Utah liquor stores dump cases of beer down the drain, Munich’s Oktoberfest methane emissions, Founders Brewery update, what beer pairs with the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich, and an open invite to breweries that can not take criticism. All this plus so much more. Enjoy the show!

What's On Tap Radio

What's On Tap Radio

What’s on Tap Radio is an award winning radio show hosted James Simpson and Chad Pilbeam, Sundays from 3-5PM on 950 KPRC and on IHeartRadio. WOTR covers news stories from around the world related to beer and brewing, presents content in a upbeat... Read more


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