Liquor Store Owner Lights Rival's Store on Fire For Selling Cheaper Beer

A Liquor Store Owner Lights His Rival's Store on Fire For Selling Cheaper Beer

What do you do if you own a business but one of your competitors is offering better prices than you? Lower your own prices? Run special promotions? Invest in marketing? Or . . . um . . . you could do this.

There's a 49-year-old guy in Moreno Valley, California named Munir Hawara, and he owns a liquor store.

But he's been losing business to another liquor store across the street that's been offering MUCH better prices on their beer.

So earlier this month, Munir decided to solve his problem . . . by BURNING DOWN the other store. He hired two guys to set the place on fire in the middle of the night, and they actually did it.

The police investigated and quickly linked the plan back to Munir. And he was just arrested for conspiracy and arson of an inhabited building. He could also have his liquor license revoked.

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