Beer Brewed by Artificial Intelligence? (Podcast)

Beer Brewed by Artificial Intelligence?

On tap this week: SeaWorld craft beer festival. Another false advertising suit against a brewery, A Waitress claims customer tried to take back TIP because she served her husband a beer, Buy beer and save a tree, Singing in the shower at a Canadian Karaoke bar, Artificial Intelligence now brewing beer, and Southern Yankee Beer Co. talks about running a small business as brother and sister. All this and so much more presented by Cask Branding and RTIC Outdoors. Featuring special guests Sydney Porter and Alex Porter.

Enjoy the show!

Sydney Porter and Alex Porter of Southern Yankee Beer Co.

Beers "Brought to the Table"

Fajita Quesadillas and Gnarly Rib Stack served up from The Backyard Grill.