Some think it's a nasty idea but Wichita Falls may be close to becoming the largest Texas city to convert sewage water to drinking water.

Summers in Wichita Falls are often brutal and the drought has taken its toll. City Manager Darron Leiker says it only makes sense to find an alternative water supply.

"We thought the testing all went very well from all the data and lab tests that we saw; we didn't see anything that gave us cause for concern. In fact many of the lab tests were better than expected."

Leiker says it'll cost $13-million to return five million gallons of water per day to the system. He says if Austin gives the okay the city can have the system up and running by May 1st.

"It'll be a done deal just as soon as we get the green light from TCEQ. We've got a system that's built; a system that's ready to go and we're hoping no later than May 1st we'll be able to run the system."