After three terms in Austin as Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst saw his time in Austin come to an end, as State Senator Dan Patrick blew Dewhurst away in Tuesday’s Republican primary runoff.

“My voice is not going to the office of Lt. Governor come November when we beat the Democrats,” Patrick told supporters. “The people’s voice is going to the office of Lt. Governor. If the Democrats think they are going to bring Obama liberalism to Texas and win they have a long, cold day in November coming.”

Patrick beat David Dewhurst by 30 percentage points. Political analyst Chris Begala told KTRH News it wasn't a surprise.

“Dan Patrick had this thing won from the beginning,” Begala stated.

SMU political scientist Cal Jillson told KTRH you could see Patrick’s big win coming.

“The Texas Republican party has been moving to the right for many years and this is just another lurch to the right,” Jillson said.

In his concession speech, Dewhurst pledged his support to the man that beat him.

PODCAST: Dan Patrick talks with Matt Patrick about his win and plan for November.

“We must unite in order to win in November. I pledged to Senator Patrick to do whatever I could to help him,” Dewhurst said at his own rally last night. “While the results are disappointing, we must rise to a new challenge together.”

It was a big night for other Tea Party favorites, too. Ken Paxton beat Dan Branch in the Republican race to replace Greg Abbott as Attorney General race.

Even though the Tea Party has lost its share of races recently, it continues to thrive here in Texas. Jillson explains why that is.

“We’ve got a low turnout election electorate in which the Tea Party is the majority of the primary vote. That’s just not the case in other states,” Jillson said.

Begala said it’s just the way it is in Texas today.

“You have to be a far right, conservative, Tea Party Republican to win in the primary. But when you talk about runoffs, it has nothing to do with anybody else but solid, complete, total Tea Party voters,” Begala explained.

Patrick will face Van De Putte in November

Patrick moves on to the general election where he will face Democratic Senator Leticia Van De Putte. Jillson says that race should feature some fireworks, just like the primary did.

“It’ll be a pretty dramatic race. There will be a level of hostility,” Jillson told KTRH News.

Begala says Van De Putte will be given the weapons she needs to beat Patrick.

“She will have about $20M thrown on her lap. It’s a free shot for the far left Democrats,” Begala stated.

No Democrat has won a statewide election in Texas in over 20 years, but Begala thinks that could change in this race.

“Don’t call me crazy, but she has a chance. If you’re a hardcore Republican, hold your breath because it’s going to be a rock road come the fall,” Begala said.

Jillson agrees, but only to a point.

He said, “It’ll be a fight if she can raise the money to go toe to toe with Senator Patrick. She hasn’t shown yet that she can do that.”

Among the other winners last night included Sid Miller in the Agriculture Commissioner's race. Brian Babin beat Ben Streusand in the Republican race to replace Steve Stockman in Congress. David Alameel won the right to challenge John Cornyn for his Senate seat.

And in a Democratic Party runoff of note, Kinky Friedman lost his race for the Ag Commissioner’s spot to Jim Hogan.

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