It's been a concern since George Orwell: can your TV watch you? It wasn't possible in the early decades of television but now it is. Plus -- your smart TV is "phoning home."

Jim Barry of the Consumer Electronics Association says some new TVs have a camera built-in for apps like Skype.

"You can put a camera on it and Skype on the big screen with friends or relatives anywhere in the world. But you've got a camera on there with an Internet connection. Can someone else see that who's not authorized?"

Barry says anything connected to the Internet can be compromised. Plus, smart TVs are collecting information on what you watch and that information can be sold to advertisers or reported to the government.

"We have so-called smart or connected TVs which are basically streaming information from the Internet to your TV -- either through the TV itself or through a separate box like Apple TV; Roku; a video game console."