Some of us are on Facebook and other social media so much we might need a gentle shock to make us get back to work. At least that's what the creators of the ‘Pavlov Poke’ hope. 

It's a device that delivers a jolt to the wrist after you've spent too much time fooling around on Facebook.

"Games take up a huge amount of time; people get sucked into it, they get addicted to it and often times they annoy their connections with requests to play these games."

Houston social media guru Crystal Washington says the 'Pavlov Poke' is obviously a joke device, but she says the idea isn't bad.

A big timewaster this week on social media was the discussion of pop tart Miley Cyrus.

"We cannot on one hand complain about teenagers bullying each another and destroying their reputations on social media while we feed into the destruction of another young woman, who obviously has issues, for laughs via social media."

Washington says if you use social networking for business purposes, you'll find you spend a lot less time logged on.

See the Pavlov Poke in action!