The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers says it's no coincidence illegal immigrant children are flooding the Texas border and overwhelming resources. They say it's being orchestrated by the White House.

Zack Taylor is chairman of that group. He says White House officials are using the media to get parents to send their kids. 

"Advertising in Central America about this upcoming amnesty and the way it is being presented to the people there is it's going to happen."

But Mark Krikorian at the Center for Immigration Studies doubts there's a conspiracy. He says the Obama administration has been encouraging illegal immigration for years.


"They just, I don't think, expected that people in Latin America would take them up on it."

Krikorian says the Obama administration is simply in over its head on the immigration issue.

"I had a graduate professor who said 'any time you have two explanations -- one is conspiracy, the other is incompetence -- always choose incompetence; you'll never go wrong."