League City Texas is the latest community to start a push back on immigrant children being housed in the southern United States.  Today the city council will discuss a resolution that would direct city staff and agencies to decline federal requests or demands to set up any facility to house, process, or detain illegal immigrants.

League City Councilwoman Heidi Thiess told our t-v- partner Local 2 “I believe the federal government is already mismanaging these facilities. I believe they are exacerbating the problem. I believe now it has reached, as we all agree, a humanitarian crisis proportion. They're not adequately caring for the health, safety, and security of those inside the camps. So I'm concerned the federal government, which is already mismanaging the situation, wants to export that into my community.”

Some Residents like Eric Litzinger disagree with the resolution saying “if we need to temporarily house some of these kids. I wouldn't have a problem with it. They're children,” Either way the council could vote on the resolution as early as tomorrow (Tuesday). 

Galveston County has said they will be considering a similar resolution soon.