The latest effort at backdoor gun control is taking place right in the nation's capital.  Starting Jan. 1st, the District of Columbia will require all of its legal gun owners to submit to fingerprinting for a new gun registry.  Those gun owners who fail to submit to the fingerprinting to renew their registration certificate will be considered felons.  "It's a trend we've been seeing across the country, which is gun owners being treated as pedophiles," says Kyle Coplen, Director of the Armed Citizen Project in Houston.  He tells KTRH that laws like the one in D.C. are an effort to treat law-abiding gun owners exercising their Constitutional rights the same as someone charged with a crime.

Coplen isn't surprised by the D.C. registration law, because his group has come up against similar gun restriction efforts in other liberal places.  "In New York alone, we're trying to train and arm single women and single mothers there...there's a $330 cost barrier for the shotgun registration and for the finger printings," he says.  Coplen sees these laws as part of an effort to create onerous costs and burdens for the average person to own a gun.  "It's policy by push," he says.  "It's nudging people in the direction you want them to go, and they're using prices and fingerprinting and other barriers, all as a means to an end."

Coplen also echoes many others in the gun rights movement when he predicts the next target for the gun control advocates will be ammo.  "The next fight we're seeing coming down the pike is the micro-stamping of ammunition as you's kind of a fingerprint for ammunition," he says.  The entire D.C. gun registration law, which was enacted in 2009 after the U.S. Supreme Court threw out the District's handgun ban, is now being challenged in court by the same man who won that case--Dick Heller.  In the meantime, Coplen has advice for gun owners living in places like D.C. and New York: "Simply move to Texas."