The Nordstrom at the Galleria and the Post Oak Rack Center had sensors installed in their stores to monitor customer movement. 

The monitoring system is made by a company called Euclid Analytics, Inc., or Euclid for short.  The development team includes researchers who created Google Analytics.  Sensors placed throughout the store are able to pick up the signal emitted by a smart phone or tablet as it searches for a wi-fi connection.  It’s a way to keep track of where customers go, how long they spend in each department, how long they spend in the store in general, and how often they come back.  Signs in stores that are using the Euclid system inform customers and direct them to how to opt out of being monitored.

Tara Darrow is the spokesperson for Nordstrom and tells KTRH that the system was installed in September and has been removed.

“As we look to improve our customer service experience and stay relevant to their needs are going to continue to try new things out.  We had Euclid in our stores since September and we’ve always said it was a test for us.  At this point the test is over and we’ll now evaluate the results from it along with the results of other initiatives we’ve been using in our stores to better serve our customers.”