Another attack on religious freedom, this time on a North Texas school district where two plaques reference god and prayer.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation complained, so Midlothian ISD officials covered them up.  That prompted protests from parents including former school board member Ken Thompson.

“The school attorney at that time looked at the plaque and agreed with it, so we approved to put it on there,” said Thompson.
The Liberty Institute's Hiram Sasser says the districts should have just ignored the complaint.

“I don't know why governments worry when they get these letters from the Freedom from Religion Foundation,” Sasser tells KTRH News.  “They send a thousand out every year and only have the budget to backup 12.”

“If anyone ever receives a demand letter from this group, you have a 98 percent chance of being right by simply crumpling it up and throwing it in the trash,” he says.

Someone has since uncovered the plaques and the district now says it plans to fight the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

“The district has no intention of covering them again,” said Midlothian ISD Superintendent Dr. Jerome Stewart. “And we have engaged in talking with outside legal counsel.”