The situation on the southern U.S. border has gotten so bad, many illegal immigrants are now voluntarily surrendering to border patrol agents in order to plead for amnesty.  A new report on Breitbart News and the Los Angeles Times details recent instances of illegal immigrants who said they "looked forward to being caught" and even waved down federal helicopters assuming they would receive "welcoming treatment" from U.S. officials.


Curtis Collier, President of U.S. Border Watch, says immigrants can claim they are refugees fleeing violence or drug cartels, or they can use their children as a way in.  "Minors are surrendering to the border patrol and then being put into protective custody, and then days later those same minors' parents show up and tell the border patrol that their children are in custody in the United States, and then (the parents) are allowed to enter the United States as well," says Collier.  He tells KTRH the current flood of people coming across the border is the worst it has been since the early 1980s.  "There are villages south of the border that are simply empty of human beings, because all of those human beings are coming to the United States in chase of, basically, amnesty," says Collier.


Even advocates for immigration reform admit that current U.S. policy is broken.  As of now, most of the illegal immigrants who are detained are simply given a hearing date and then released, with no way of knowing if they'll return for the hearing.  "If they're scheduling them a court date and turning them loose, that means (the illegals) are going to have to live under a bridge, or somebody's gotta take them in, or they're going to have to break into a house to eat," says Norman Adams with Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy. He tells KTRH the current policy at the border is anything but sensible.  "I keep hearing that we're locking this border down, it doesn't sound like it," says Adams.  "How are they walking across the border to surrender?"