Republican leaders in Washington might be opening the door to legal status for some illegal immigrants already here in the United States.

Under the proposed plan, illegal immigrants can stay if they meet certain requirements. Among them are passing background checks, paying fines, and learning to speak English. Speaker John Boehner thinks it's time to fix the system.

“It helps our constituents build confidence that what we are doing makes sense,” the Speaker said.

But Boehner said the door won’t open until other issues are taken care of.

“You can’t begin the process without securing our borders,” Boehner explained.

Some of Boehner’s colleagues in Congress may look at the plan as nothing more than amnesty. And judging by what Humble Congressman Ted Poe told Matt Patrick on KPRC 950 earlier this week it might be a tough sell in the House.

“The concept of amnesty is not going any place in the House of Representatives. There may be some bills that deal with some issues of immigration, but amnesty is not the answer,” Poe said.

And consultant Jim McGrath thinks it might be a tough sell for you, too.

“If you start talking about immigration here in the great state of Texas and you don’t talk about border security a lot of people are going to tune you out right away,” McGrath told KTRH.

This is not part of any bill currently proposed in the House of Representatives, only a plan put together by Republican leaders on a retreat in Maryland.