Fireworks are a popular way to celebrate our Independence Day, but there are rules you still must follow.

Good news for the Houston region, all the rain we've had lately means nothing is off the table when it comes to bottle rockets and other fireworks.

“There's no ban, there's no stick rockets or missiles with fins that are banned this season, so there's no type of ban,” says Todd Mitchell at the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office.

However, fireworks cannot be set off just anywhere.

“In the city of Houston, fireworks are not allowed inside the city limits,” Mitchell Tells KTRH News.  “Most of the time there are law enforcement personnel that are out patrolling and looking for individuals that are using them in areas they're not allowed to.”

Fireworks also are illegal in some unincorporated areas.

“Even in individual neighborhoods, certain homeowner associations can ban the use of fireworks there,” says Mitchell.  “So its just best to check the area you live to make sure they are legal.”

Violators can pay fines of up to $2,000 for each firework.

Mitchell says the safest way to enjoy fireworks is to let the professionals handle them.