The sky is the limit for the stock market, but some analysts now fear a bubble is primed to burst.

Compared to similar times of stock over-valuation in 1999 and 1929 the current state of the stock market shows we are currently in the third largest stock bubble in history.  But, is this bubble really a bubble or is it a new normal?

John Bott is the General Manager for Parallax Asset Management and says he is not afraid of a collapse, "If interest rates go up and they take away this particular advantage... see nobody one has ever seen this particular advantage before.  They don't know how high it can actually go." 

Bott says the driving force behind the market at this point is low interest rates and until the Federal Reserve decides to raise the rates, the market will continue to grow.

Former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke has said he doesn't expect the interest rates to rise in his lifetime.