Despite its inviting name, Target wants to make sure open carry advocates know their weapons are not welcome at the chains' 18-hundred locations.  

'Open Carry Texas' founder C.J. Grisham says if you see pictures online of people carrying rifles at Target stores, don't believe the hype.

"We haven't done that since January. This is a Astroturf attack against Open Carry Texas. They use photos from around the country." 

Grisham says some of those pictures are actually of anti-gun rights activists trying to create a stir. Jimmy at Spring Guns and Ammo says the whole issue seems trumped up to him. 

"No one has really mentioned open carry; so we just haven't heard much about it." 

Some gun owners have said they will ignore Target's request to leave their weapons at home. 

Grisham says the other side of the issue has forced Target's hand.  

"The reason that Target released this statement, I think, is really just to shut up the gun control banshees that have been flooding their email, phone lines and social media with a constant stream of negativity."