The Houston Texans will host the Atlanta Falcons in their Pre-season home opener at NRG Stadium. The Texans are coming off what fans are calling an embarrassing 32-0 loss to the Arizona Cardinals last week. Sports Talk 790’s Greg Koch says fans shouldn’t expect another egg to be laid like the one they saw last week.

“The biggest disappointment was you thought under the new regime that you would see more out of the team,” Koch said. “I look for them to improve. Hopefully the quarterback play will be better.”

But that was not the case, as new quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick struggled in his Texans debut. Koch says things should be different against the Falcons.

“They’ve had a good week of practice. It always helps when you can practice against a team the way they have against the Falcons,” Koch explained.

But the one thing that has to get better is the quarterback play.

“Ryan Fitzpatrick played the entire first half. That’s almost unheard of in the first pre-season game. If it doesn’t get any better the Texans are going to have to explore all of their options. Their quarterback might not be on the roster right now,” Koch said.

But Fitzpatrick will have more help this week. Arian Foster and Andre Johnson will return from injuries this weekend.

“Just having them on the sidelines will be a big lift for the team. Not having them out there is kind of a bummer as far as what you are actually putting on the field,” Koch explained.

The Texans were not the only team in the NFL that failed to live up to expectations last year. The Falcons did, too. They went 4-12 in 2013 and Koch says both clubs will be looking to prove a point at NRG Stadium.

"They are trying to make a statement. It’s going to come down to which team is going to be more physical in this game,” Koch stated.

After last week’s debacle, fans were understandably upset at what they saw. But Koch says everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down.

“It’s way too early to jump off a cliff. Teams can improve week to week. Remember that they are learning a new system. There will be bugs to work out,” Koch explained.

Linebacker Brian Cushing will also return to action from injury. Kickoff time is at 7’oclock.