Texas democrats are cautiously optimistic they can switch some statewide offices from red to blue. But with every statewide office currently held by the GOP, they concede it won't be easy.

Democratic strategist Matt Angle of the Lone Star Project is realistic.

"Well, absolutely it looks better. But it's a very steep hill. Keep in mind that in Texas once one party is in power it takes a whole lot to change that dynamic."

Angle says Attorney General Greg Abbott is a weak candidate for governor and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst has damaged his reputation in recent weeks, with a scandal involving the Allen police station.

"Texas has done well despite its leadership instead of because of it. Survey after survey shows a desire for change in Texas and so it creates a dynamic where democrats have a chance."

But Angle says Texas democrats may have more luck on the federal level than the state level in 2014.