We told you earlier this week about the botched execution in Oklahoma. It turns out that Texas has the same drug that was used on condemned killer Clayton Lockett.

The state has 30 vials of midazolam, but Texas Department of Criminal Justice officials told KTRH they are not planning to use it. The state has been using pentobarbital since 2012. Criminal defense lawyer Brian Wice told KTRH the issue in Oklahoma was not necessarily how they killed Lockett.

“What happened in Oklahoma was a function of the people and not the protocol. I don’t think Texas has given any indication they would be in a position to make a rookie mistake,” Wice said.

In other words, don’t expect this to happen in Texas.

“What Texas has demonstrated is that this is not their first rodeo. As the noted legal sage Bum Phillips once said, they act like they’ve been there before,” Wice explained.

Even though Wice thinks it won’t happen here, he says what happened in Oklahoma is inexcusable.

“We owe it to the victims and to the people who will suffer the ultimate punishment that the process is one that is humane, dignified and ultimately comports with due process,” Wice said.

Wice has witnessed executions before, and says it's something you don't forget anytime soon.

“When you contrast the moments the condemned killer has in their final moments with their victims, it’s something that stuck with me for a very, very long time,” Wice explained.

We are also learning more about what happened to Lockett the night he was executed. Oklahoma officials say Lockett needed to be tasered before being taken to the death chamber and that the technicians could not find a suitable vein for the IV.