In Ozzie and Harriet days kids would get a root beer float at the diner. Now they go to Starbucks and some actually drink more coffee than soda.  With that in mind, you might be shocked to find out what's in that coffee.

Get this list: wheat, soy beans, barley, rye, brown sugar, corn, and even sticks have been found in coffee.

"And in particular if someone has some sort of an allergy this could be a life or death situation."

But UT Health Science Center cardiologist Dr. John Higgins says the most dangerous thing in coffee is caffeine.

"Teens and younger children; we recommend that they should not be taking more than 100 milligrams of caffeine per day and most cups of coffee will contain 100 or more."

Dr. Higgins says parents need to keep a close eye on their children's caffeine intake.

"Both the chemical, artificial caffeine as well as from the natural forms of caffeine like the Guarana bean; too much caffeine, for certain individuals, can cause problems."