There's a beer industry market research company called the Beer Institute . . . which sounds like it would be an AWESOME college. And they just released their annual list of the biggest BEER DRINKING STATES in the country.

Last year, New Hampshire was number one and North Dakota was number two. This year, that was flipped . . . the people of North Dakota REALLY stepped up their beer drinking and came in first. New Hampshire is second.

In the past year, North Dakota averaged 45.8 gallons of beer consumption per person. That means the average person drank 489 cans of beer. And since you know some people didn't have ANY . . . some people must've had a LOT more.

The rest of the top 10 biggest beer drinking states are New Hampshire, Montana, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Nevada, Vermont, Nebraska, Texas, and Maine.

On the other end, Utah is obviously the state that drinks the LEAST beer, because of the Mormon thing. The average person in Utah drank 20.2 gallons, or about 215 cans of beer.

Overall, the average American drank 28.2 gallons of beer in the past year . . . meaning we all drank an average of 301 beers.
(24/7 Wall St.)

(You can peep the state-by-state results HERE.)