Political Correctness is Killing Halloween at the Office

Due to costumes that may be deemed "offensive," companies are canceling dressing up for Halloween. HR consultant Jill Hickman of Jill Hickman Companies says, “Employers tend to be overly cautious, and some times that takes all the fun out of it! Because there are always going to be those employees who take everything to the extreme --- employers are always going to take a second look at it.”

She says wearing a costume one day a year is good for office camaraderie. But employers should make some specific limitations first“ In stead of saying, 'Just use common sense.' Unfortunately not everyone has common sense” says Hickman. She feels Halloween is a great time to have some corporate fun even if costumes can't be involved. Try a jack-o-lantern carving contest this year! Hickman says one of her client companies ruled against a costume day, and got creative. “They brought pictures of themselves as children dressed in Halloween costumes. Their teammates had to decide who belonged to what picture. It’s even more fun when the executives join in!”

She thinks it's a shame because dressing up is a great way to bond with your co-workers and get a few laughs at the office. As Hickman says, you just don't want to ignore the fun of Halloween!

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