Doug Pike

Doug Pike

The Doug Pike Show airs 7-10 a.m. Saturdays and 8-10 a.m. Sundays SportsTalk790. Doug has hosted the show for 20 years, covering the great outdoors...Full Bio

Cutting Room Floor

Healthy Air

Today, Doug Pike interviews Jordan Lera of Texas Indoor Air Quality Specialists.


Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Claudia Cotes about testing for breast cancer.  

The Doug Pike Show 6-9-2024

On this episode Doug Pike talks abou salt water recon, top water fishing, and red fish/snapper limits.
Doug comments on the Louisiana Red fish numbers and how they got so low. Doug talks about the end of legal commercial Red fishing in Louisiana. He also discuss with callers the best beginner rods to start fishin. Fish topics about: King Mackerel, Sail fish, and Red fish. All this along with updates on the leaders of the LIV Golf Tournament. Did you know Doug wrote a book on Bass fishing?

The Doug Pike Show 6-8-2024

In this episode Doug talks about Lighting and safety tips from when golfing on the greens. Mowing patterns and how you can get your lawn to look like a golf course. Fishing suviving tips during bad weather. Doug and callers talk about sting rays and what is the best way to nurse a sting. Louisiana is changing their red fish limits after 30 years. Doug is going to tell you why. Pier fishing, bait tips and more.

Elder Abuse, Prostates, and Golf

Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Jason Burnett about elder abuse.  Pike also speaks with Dr. Andrew Doe of Alate Health.  Finally, the GM of Golf Club of Houston Reese McCall on the LIV Golf tournament this weekend. 

Remembering D-Day

Today, Doug Pike discusses D-Day.

Cutting the Cheese

Today, Doug Pike discusses cutting the cheese, bribery, and Fentanyl.

The Doug Pike Show 6-2-2024

On this episode of The Doug Pike Show Doug talks about fishing spots in the Houston communities, stock tanks info., and Grass Carp fish. DO you know what the term slicks means? Doug explains it and you'll be surprised.  Doug shares how top water lures have evolved overtime and how the price has gone up. Crank bait, casters/reels, and night fishing.Do you remember Catfish farms? Doug goes down memory lane with a caller. Info. on fishing in bar ditches, retention ponds, jetties and dikes in Texas. Doug talks about Bass, Crapppies, Trout, Snook, Red Snapper, and more. Golf updates 

The Doug Pike Show 6-1-2024

In this episode Doug talks about the start of Red Snapper season, boat size vs. the wide open water (offshore) and how did we navigate the water before GPS? Weather forecast, winds, southern heat, and neighborhood fishing spots. What are the best lures to fish with? How well is your shooting range etiquette? Doug shares his comments on Lexi Thompson retiring and LIV Golf.