Rudy Giuliani Says He Will Not Comply With Congressional Subpoena

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President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, says that he will not comply with a congressional subpoena for documents relating to his dealings with Ukraine as part of their impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Giuliani's lawyer, Jon Sale, sent a letter to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence stating that Giuliani would not turn over any documents "because this appears to be an unconstitutional, baseless and illegitimate 'impeachment inquiry.'"

"The subpoena is overbroad, unduly burdensome and seeks documents beyond the scope of legitimate inquiry. Moreover, documents sought in the subpoena are protected by attorney-client, attorney work-product, and executive privileges," Sale wrote.

House Democrats could move to hold him in contempt for refusing to comply with the subpoena, or they could order the sergeant at arms arrest him for inherent contempt. 

Giuliani dismissed Sale after he sent the letter and said that if Congress tries to enforce the subpoena, he will hire another lawyer. 

"Jon was helping me with assessing (the) congressional request. He will submit his letter, and he will be finished with what I asked him to do," Giuliani told CNN. "If they take me to court, I would then have to get another lawyer."

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