WATCH: Women In Neon Green Bodysuits Attack And Rob Teens On NYC Subway

Photo: Getty Images

Two teenagers were the victims of a bizarre attack in New York City over the weekend. The New York City Police Department said that the two teens got into an argument with a group of six women dressed in neon green body suits on a subway train in Times Square.

The teens told officers that the argument quickly escalated as the group of women began attacking them. The women robbed the teens, taking their cell phones, credit cards, wallets, and other personal items, before fleeing the train at the next stop.

The victims refused medical treatment, but at least one is dealing with a concussion, her mother told the New York Post.

The mother of the other girl blasted New York officials and urged them to track down the suspects and send them to jail.

"I think it's absolutely disgusting — I think people need to be held accountable for their actions, and there should be no such thing as this bail-reform nonsense," the mother told the paper.

"What happened to the New York City we all loved? Start fixing it now," she added.

Authorities have not identified any of the suspects or made any arrests.

video of the attack was posted on Reddit and captured the end of the melee.

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