Here's Where To Get The Most Beautiful Scenic Views In Texas

Photo: Getty Images

You don't have to travel to some far off land to see some breathtaking views and beautiful scenery.

Cheapism rounded up a list of the absolute best views in each state. The website states, "Whether perched on a mountaintop looking out over the natural wonders of the land, standing ankle deep in a river surrounded by cliffs, or meandering among historic buildings in a local or national park, every state — and Washington, D.C. — has a stunning vantage point to offer."

According to the list, the most scenic views in Texas are from Emory Park in Big Bend National Park. You can get some great sunset views from this spot. You do have to put in some hard work to get this beautiful view, however. The website explains:

"A difficult 10.5-mile round-trip hike leads to the highest point of Big Bend National Park, with a grand view from 7,825 feet in every direction."

Check out the full list of the absolute best views in each state on Cheapism's website.

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