Opinion: Biden’s New Thought Police Threatens Americanism 

From start of pandemic I posited that lockdowns were an unconstitutional infringement, pragmatism was necessary, and science would be solution. But I was not at all afraid of misleading and misguided rhetoric. The notion that we protect FREEDOM by silencing discourse is insane.

Our Federal government instituting a speech police under guise of a Disinformation Governance Board by an Executive in Biden who successfully orchestrated a deplatforming of media and silencing of citizens for truthful reporting about an exposure of his family’s criminality before he was President during the election season is a terrible thing.

But the subservient media, our supposed watchdogs of free speech and a free press, is framing this as necessary mechanism to protect us from bad ideas while characterizing another oligarch buying something solely to narcissistically insure freedom of his speech in the new public square as violence.

Our government “shall make no law…prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech” is a plainly worded proscription. And Feds playing speech police and directing or even strongly encouraging platforms to silence voices is abhorrent and antiAmerican.

Russia and Belarus resurrecting the USSR, Putin’s and China’s saber rattling, the much needed reform of our immigration program and the border crisis, and the horrifying healthcare realities should be the focuses of the Federal government. Out of control violent crime and the lack of public safety and opportunities for great many Americans and hopeless intergenerational poverty for so many others should be focus of local and state governments.

But all we see and hear is the threat of speech and the importance of culture wide mandatory acceptance of far Left progressive new normals (some of which I welcome as truly good ideas but they absolutely should not be force fed to America by bullying). It’s past time to refocus on realities not feelings. It’s past time for actual solutions. It’s past time to remember freedom and liberty are the foundational firmaments of this collectivist endeavor.

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