Brexit for dummies

You know how sometimes when the liberal media loses they try to  create really silly scare tactics to drum up public outrage?  Well, they  did it again.  

 Last year British people voted to leave the  European Union.  The media called it Brexit.  Since then the left has  done everything they can to convince us that Brexit is the beginning of  the apocalypse.

 The Washington Post, specifically, has taken a front seat position in the race to inspire fear in the minds of their readers.

 Today they are running an article with the following headline...

     Brexit could leave fields of rotting crops in Britain if migrant workers stay away

 Oh no, not rotting fruit!  If only there was some way to pick that  fruit with out hiring migrant workers!  Gee whiz, I'm not an economics  expert but it seems to me that the law of supply and demand could shed  some light on what might happen if there are less low wage workers  around?

 Shocking news: the value of labor will go up and fruit  pickers will get paid more to pick fruit!  And the unemployment rate  will drop [it's currently 5.4% in the UK].  And the best part?  Low  skilled workers will earn a higher wage.

 But don't tell the  Washington post.  They want you to believe everyone in Great Britain is  too incompetent to know how to pick fruit with out the help of  foreigners.  Because before the UK joined the EU, British people spent  centuries wandering around wondering how to pick fruit before it rots.   They were helpless!  If you believe that, I have some magic beans for  sale that you're gonna wanna make an offer on today! 

 Maybe the  Washington Post is just trying to keep the unemployment rate in the UK  from dropping?  Who knows, but one thing is for sure: the only thing  rotting today in the UK are the minds of liberal media consumers.  

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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