Lighting Up The Joint Session

Did you see the President's speech last night?  Trump had his Joint  Session with Congress but Cheech and Chong weren't invited.  It wasn't  technically a State of the Union Address. That won't happen until he's  been President for a year.  And last night was probably the most  Presidential demeanor we've ever seen from Trump (which means almost  nothing).

 To all the hard-line libertarians & NeverTrump  conservatives out there, consider this: he did a pretty good job and if  that's not enough for you then Gorsuch,  Pruitt & Trump's support of Israel should be proof positive that he  could definitely be worse.

  Meanwhile the Democrats really showed us who they are when they didn't  stand to applaud for some issues that they supposedly support.  Trump  didn't get an applause from the liberals when he spoke about supporting  historically black colleges, getting more jobs for women in science and  mandatory paid family leave for full time workers [which are not exactly  conservative policies].  But it doesn't matter how much paid family  leave Trump gives out. Liberals are still gonna moan about Kellyanne  Conway's shoes on the Oval Office couch.

 And it was funny to see  all the Democrats dressed in white.  Especially when we all know full  well they spent the last 8-years screwing America.  I bet Billy Idol was  laughing his ass off.  Ya know... because he sang White Wedding?  It  was a song in the 80s?  Never mind. 

 Anyway the Democrats got the  most upset when Trump talked about his new plan to crack down on  criminal illegals. You could hear the liberals in the room audibly  groan.  Trump is going to call the new program VOICE... Which has gotta  be causing anxiety for the producers of NBC's "The Voice" [who just  started their new season on Monday]. 

 Of course, the GOP aren't  perfect either. It was weird to see all those Republicans applaud when  Trump said "Repeal Obamacare" knowing damn well they can't agree on a  plan to make that happen [so far].  Also, I don't think I heard Trump  spend much time talking about spending cuts [that whole issue was kind  of glossed over]. 

 All in all it was still a pretty good speech  but if Trump really wanted to prove this was a Joint Session he should  have showed his solidarity to Colorado & lit one up on the way out.   Peoples minds would have been blown harder than Bill Clinton with a  college-aged intern. 

 Oh yeah, one last thing: for now on Rex  Tillerson is T-Rex & Neil Gorsuch is the Gorshmister [so don't get  confused when you hear us call them exclusively by those names]. 

 What did y'all think of the speech?

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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