The Real Reason Leftists Are Attacking Scott Pruitt

I have a theory on why the statists are attacking  EPA chief Scott Pruitt this week. 

In case you haven't heard, the Left is making a bunch of red-herring fallacy attacks on Scott Pruitt.

They're  mad that two of his employees followed the law to get a pay raise (they  used a lesser none provision in the Safe Water Drinking Act).  Pruitt  didn't give them the raise, someone else at the EPA was responsible  (Samantha Davis stepped down yesterday).

He also  rented a $50 condo and spent $6000 on plane tickets.  These are all  really minor things to criticize the man for and none of the things he  did were illegal or wasteful.  

It's not a coincidence that this is suddenly.  These attacks were strategically timed and coordinated. 

Why?  Farmers.

Farmers love Scott Pruitt.  He's the guy who deregulated farm ditch water rules  (they were absurd - Obama's EPA was criminalizing farmers for having  runoff water in their ditches).

And as much as farmers love Scott Pruitt, that's how much they hate trade wars. Trade  wars are awful for farmers.  All the things Trump and China are putting  tariffs on this week are basically things that affect farmers.  Steel,  soybeans, pork... You name it!  Farmers hate trade wars.

So while these red herring attacks on Pruitt keep coming, just remember -  this is all happening for a reason.  The Democrats want the farmers to  hate Trump and vote blue in November.

I could be wrong... But I'm probably not.  

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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