Chocolate Spill Shuts Down Highway In Poland After Tanker Truck Crash

A highway in Poland was shut down after a tanker truck carrying liquid chocolate overturned and spilled around 12 tons of chocolate across all six lanes of the road. Clean-up crews were struggling to deal with the mess because the chocolate was quickly hardening on the surface of the road under the morning sun. 

Officials said it could take hours to remove the chocolate and re-open the highway. Bulldozers were seen trying to push the hardened chocolate off the road, but it still left a slick layer that could be extremely hazardous to drivers. Senior Brigadier Bogdan Kowalski, who was assisting with the clean-up, noted that "cooling chocolate is worse than snow." The only way to remove the chocolate from the roadway is to blast it with hot water.

The accident occurred in the morning when there was only light traffic on the highway. The 60-year-old driver of the tanker truck was the only person injured and he was taken the hospital with a broken arm.

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