MEDIA MALPRACTICE: You won't see THIS story in the 'Post' or the 'Times'

Evarado Donoteo-Reyes worked and lived at Joy Road Farm, in rural New York, with his girlfriend and her infant son. Reyes is an illegal immigrant who snuck into this country from Mexico, twice. Yesterday, immigration officials arrested Reyes, and charged him with evidence tampering, after police found the body of Reyes' girlfriend in a wooded area, hidden under tree branches, logs, and dirt. She was 18 years old.

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Her son is still missing. Police officers have scoured rivers and creeks and forest in search of the boy. But they aren't optimistic. Yesterday, they canceled the Amber Alert that had been broadcast in an effort to find the boy.

Try to find this tragic story on major news sources. New York Times, Washington Post. And even the lowlier sources like Buzzfeed, Vice, and Huffington Post. You won't find a single article about it. A heinous, cold-blooded murder doesn't count as news when it's committed by an illegal immigrant.

We'll see if the mainstream media ever shed their agendas and report the news, like they're supposed to.

To report it would disprove their narrative. Because the mainstream media has delighted in mocking President Trump's statements about illegal immigration. Worse, they've mischaracterized them. When he said that Mexico is often “sending their worst," he meant this exactly, and people like Evarado Donoteo-Reyes prove this statement. Of course, the media framed President Trump's words differently. They were, according to them, the workings of a bigoted xenophobe. Suddenly, “they are often sending their worse" was reported as “Trump says Mexicans are rapists."

As this case unfolds, we'll see if the mainstream media ever shed their agendas and report the news, like they're supposed to. If they actually do it, now that would be newsworthy. It would practically be unprecedented.

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