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"Gender-Neutral" Public School Requires Boys Wear Skirts

A British school for children has an unusual new dress code policy.  In an effort to be more "gender neutral", Chiltern Edge Secondary School in Oxfordshire has issued an announcement that boys will no longer be allowed to wear shorts during the hotter months of the school year.  Instead, they have to wear skirts. 

According to Chiltern Edge Secondary School, if the male students get too warm and don't want to wear pants to school, they should wear a skirt instead.  The school administrators issued a ‘more formal’ uniform policy at the beginning of the year which states the only leg wear permitted was formal pants or skirts.

We've seen a lot of schools issue new dress code policies deemed "gender neutral" in recent years, but there's something very strange about this policy in particular. Namely, skirts are typically not gender neutral - they're clearly a type of garment commonly worn by girls and women, not boys and men (at least, not in England).

One parent asked the school if her son could wear tailored shorts instead of a skirt, but the school said no. Sorry, mom, but you have to dress your son like your daughter or your son will be deemed problematic and face discipline (probably).

It’s always good to point out what happens when you don't have a written Constitution, folks.  This whole nonsense about skirts for boys isn’t just stupid, and it's not even gender neutral, but it’s also cultural appropriation.  This secondary school is in Oxfordshire, which is about as English as English can be. The English men don't have a history of wearing skirts, but Scots and Irish men do. Those are called kilts.  Remember kilts?  Scots and Irishmen wear skirts (kilts) and so do a lot of men in Muslim nations. For example, the Pakistani men (and there are a ton of Pakistanis in England) wear a dress-like garment called a kameez. It looks like a long dress and it's generally paired with loose pants called salwar.  Meanwhile the men in Indonesia and Thailand often wear wraparound skirts called sarongs.

So the Chiltern Edge Secondary School is clearly culturally appropriating a style of dress that belongs to foreign cultures.  Don’t people on the Left hate cultural appropriation?  British Leftists should be rioting in the streets over this news, if they believe their own rules.  Look out, Chiltern Edge Secondary School, British Antifa is coming with the fashion police to tell you how to dress your students!

But what about the girls who identify as boys during the winter? Maybe they want to wear pants because it's frickin' cold as a witch's nipple in England between the months of November and February? Why can't little transgender girls wear pants? This policy is oppressive to the transgendered youth of England and you know that news is enough to set off a firestorm on the Internet. 

This is what happens when you try to virtue signal on Leftist ideology, folks. It's just a big gender-confused mess.  A simpler solution is to let the girls wear shorts. Because this is just beyond stupid.

The UK has really been going downhill in recent years when it comes to free speech issues. Over the past couple of decades there has been an increased effort by schools and government entities alike to stifle free speech and personal expression on a massive scale. Earlier this year the British government charged a YouTube comedian named Count Dankula with hate speech after he taught his girlfriend's pug to salute Hitler (which was definitely intended as a joke – he’s not even right-wing). Similarly, last month right-wing activist Tommy Robinson was arrested, charged and sentenced in less than one day for the crime of broadcasting images of accused foreign Muslim sex offenders on social media as they strolled into court. This latest report from Chiltern Edge Secondary School is just one more example of a government funded organization telling a private citizen they have no right to self expression.  Pray for the Islamic Republic of Englandistan - they're heading in a rough direction.

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