Antifa Accuses Homeless Guy of Having White Privilege... Comedy Ensues

You may have heard a news story about Patrick Kimmons, the black man  from Portland who was recently shot by police after he shot two other  people.  Considering the details of the news story, protesting  against cops who shot a violent criminal seems like a futile &  brainless effort.

Even still, Antifa and BlackLivesMatter  activists are out in droves protesting while blocking an intersection in  Portland where the incident took place. 

Earlier this week as the protests unfolded, a white homeless man decided to heckle the  protesters by shouting out the details of the case as they demonstrated  in the street.

An Antifa activist overheard the homeless man and decided to point out that the heckler benefits from "white privilege".

The homeless man responded by saying, "I live in the f***ing streets."

Touche, homeless guy.  Touche.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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