Fire Him?! Texas College Professor Offers Extra Credit for Voting Beto

If you support Beto O'Rourke, you can get extra credit at Corpus Christi’s Del Mar College!

A political science professor named Adrian Clark, in a now deleted Facebook post, said, "I am offering extra credit for my students for voting beginning tomorrow! We must show up for Beto to paint Texas blue!"

Naturally people were pretty upset about this news.

The college put out a response saying:

"The College is aware of a post made by an employee on a non-College, social media site offering extra class credit for voting in the upcoming election. The message was not posted on behalf of the College. The College has clarified that no extra credit should be offered or granted for voting in any election.  The College takes seriously institutional policy and State law regarding requirements to remain neutral in all partisan political activities, issues, speeches and campaigns. The College and its employees will abide by all state, local, and federal laws regarding public speech, campaigning, and other political activities. Additionally, the College does not comment on internal personnel matters"

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, has responded by saying, "People like this don't belong on the state payroll."

Do you agree with Governor Abbott?  Should the professor be fired? 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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