Utility Co warned about power line problems a day before deadly wildfire

Remember when Governor Moonbeam blamed global warming for the wild fires in California?  

According  to a new report from the Associated Press, the Pacific Gas &  Electric utility company contacted a Northern California woman  a day  before the dealy wildfires in to warn her that that power lines were  causing sparks on her property.

The wild fire in North  California started Thursday near a piece of property belonging to Betsy  Ann Cowley in the town of Pulga, just east of Paradise, California.

According to the report, the area where the fire allegedly started and where Pacific Gas &  Electric says the sparks were detected is likely the same place.

While  we still don't definitively know what caused the fire, there's a lot  more evidence suggesting this theory than the "global warming" rhetoric  the state's governor has irresponsibly regurgitated to this Leftist  constituents. 

So far there have been at least 42 deaths as a result of the wildfire and dozens of other people have been reported missing.

This  has become the deadliest blaze in the Golden State's history and it  destroyed the nearby town of Paradise, but there's still no proof that  climate change or global warming had anything to do with these fires. 

So please ignore the climate change alarmists.  They hate science and facts.  

(Photo by Terray Sylvester/Getty Images)

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