After news broke about GM's mass layoffs affecting  over 14,000 workers and widespread plant shuttering in the US, President  Trump came out swinging.

Trump told reporters he "wasn't  happy" about the General Motors news, noting that the country has done a  lot for GM in the way of bailouts and tax benefits.

Trump  spoke with CEO Mary Barra on Sunday night.  

He says he does not like  GM's decision on North American auto production and he believes GM needs  to find a replacement for the Chevy Cruze, which isn’t selling.  He believes GM will put something else in Ohio. "

We have a lot of pressure on them,” he told reporters as he left for a rally Mississippi.

Trump has frequently been seen as a pro-business President, but it's hard to hear this news and not think the auto tariffs that were imposed as a result of our foreign trade wars didn't play a role in these plant closings.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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