Chicago Has a New "Playstation Tax" To Target Video Game Users

Chicago has so many taxes, they even tax joy and fun.

The  murder capital of the Midwest is home to the Chicago Cubs, the GD Folk  Lords, deep dish pizza, the Latin Kings, Michael Jordan, cronyism and  lots of taxes.

Now Chicago has a new tax that targets PlayStation video game users.

The amusement tax previously puts additional 5% charge on things like movies, concerts, sporting events and even video games.

Then  last month PlayStation 4 users in Chicago got a message from the  company stating a new 9% amusement tax would be imposed for video game  users who live within the city limits.

In 2015 the city  imposed a "cloud tax" to the already absurdly high amusement tax.  It's  predicted to generate an extra $12 million in annual revenue for the  city.

Later that year the Liberty Justice Center fought against the  tax in court.  The case, Labell vs. The City of Chicago, did not bring a  victory for video game users.

Sorry, Chicago residents, but even having fun at home will get you taxes in the Windy City.

Blame the Democrats.  

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The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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