8-yr-Old Louisiana Boy W/ Brain Tumor Wants People to Send Him Xmas Cards

Meet Drake Quibodeaux, an 8-yr-old boy from Vinton, Louisiana who is battling a brain tumor.

Drake  is a cool kid - he likes to hang out and play with his friends, but  he's in for the fight of his life right now (and right before Christmas  too).

Drake wants to know if people can send him cards.  He's  not asking for money or gifts, he just wants a reminder from people  around the country that most of the folks in our beautiful nation are  kind and caring individuals.

If you wanna send Drake a Christmas card, he'd be much obliged.

Here's his address:

2412 Hwy 388 
Vinton, LA, 70668.

Don't let him down, folks!   Send the kid a card and say hello.  

Merry Christmas and thanks for helping out a cool little dude.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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