Tom "Pez Head" Steyer will try to impeach Trump but won't run for office

Meet Tom Steyer - the climate change alarmist billionaire who made a fortune off fossil fuel technology in Central Asia.

In recent years he's had two objectives: stop the oil industry in America in an effort he can keep his edge on other energy sector billionaires and stop Trump from doing whatever Trump happens to be doing on that particular day.

In short, Tom's a bit of a hypocrite (which is an understatement). And he's also a hypocrite who's not running for office, as it turns out, despite lots of  previous news reports suggesting otherwise.

Back during the 2016 election Tom Steyer (not George Soros) donated more to (leftist) political causes and campaigns than any other donor in America.

In more recent months he's been flirting with the idea of running for office, not that he ever had a prayer's chance of winning.

But now Tom Steyer says he won't run - he'll instead focus on trying to get Trump impeached.   

Since he's not a lawmaker or a political official, he'll mostly push for the  impeachment goal simply by talking about it and giving money to  candidates who might do his bidding.

Frankly, I'm kinda disappointed.  Not because I wanted to see Tom become President, but because I was so looking forward to watching him embarrass himself in the 2020 primaries.  On a side note, I'm also disappointed about creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti for the same reason.  We listened to these  jackasses virtue signal in front of cable news TV cameras for months and now we don't even get to enjoy watching them fail.

Too bad.  

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