Catholic School Kids Harassed By Elderly Man & Vilified By Media (video)

On Saturday a video went viral that seemed to show a group of Catholic high school students harassing a Native American  protester who was playing a drum.

By Saturday night it was clear that this story had been inaccurately reported.

A 3-minute video posted to social media showed a group of Native American  protesters who claimed they were victims of harassment by a group of  Covington Catholic High School students.

The kids were waiting for their school bus near the Lincoln Memorial. 

The  video was deceptively edited to show only the "confrontation" between a  protester named Nathan Phillips and a teenager wearing a Make America  Great Again-hat.

Everyone just knew the teen was at fault.   Phillips even did an interview with The Washington Post where he accused  the teens of trying to intimidate him.

There was just one problem with this story: it wasn't true.

Another  video posted online a short time later showed the real story: the  elderly Native American man approached the kid and start chanting and  playing drums very loudly at close range to the young boy's face.  The  Native American man's friends were even telling the kids to, "Go back to  Europe You don't belong here".

The boy took it like a chant.  He smiled and stood silently.But the damage was already done. CNN's Ana Cabrera ran a story claiming the boys were harassing the Native American man.

Hollywood  celeb Kathy Griffin asked people to dox the teen and comedian Wheeler  Walker Jr told his Twitter followers to sexual assault the teenager in a  since deleted tweet.

Now the family of the teenager says they're receiving death threats and seeking legal counsel against the  long list of news outlets and affluent public figures who tried to  vilify a group of young kids.

Fake news is dangerous, folks.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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