Hijab-Normalizing Billboard Comes to Houston

We're not sure why this is here or what they're trying to convey, but there's a pro-hijab billboard that recently found it's way to the Gulf Freeway in Houston.

If you drive south on the Gulf Freeway towards Galveston from downtown Houston, just after you pass 610, you'll see a billboard on the left side of freeway. 

The billboard says, "Respect, honor, strength - Hijab. Questions about Islam and women? Call - 800-662-Islam."

Interesting, but why? Has there been a string of anti-Muslim Islamophobic incidents in Houston as of late? None that we're aware of, but who knows?

Coming soon: billboards that normalize Scientology, flat-earth theory and the Flying Spaghetti Monster... Kidding, but we had you for a second, didn't we? 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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