Why is Louisiana Gov Bel Edwards Helping Murderers?

Louisiana has a problem: they can't execute murderers without the proper drugs and, unfortunately, it doesn't sound like the state will be able to obtain the chemicals they need anytime soon (nor are they trying to do so).

Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards and other state lawmakers don't appear to be interested in correcting this problem anytime soon, despite outrage from the family members of murder victims.

Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry, the lone wolf in a fight to seek justice for those who have been wronged, has been making efforts to put more focus on Louisiana’s lack of executions, but he says there are no lawmakers currently planning to sponsor legislation to help the state put violent murderers to death.

On Tuesday the families of murder victims complained to the House Criminal Justice Committee. Sadly, their cries fell on deaf ears. Their only allies in this fight are Landry and Rep. Sherman Mack (R-Albany) who are working to correct this mistake and bring attention to a problem that's clearly being ignored. 

By doing nothing, Gov Bel Edwards is essentially helping the murderers. They won't have to pay the price for their crimes because their state is incapable doling out justice. Why does Bel Edwards insist on helping violent criminals? 

Photo of corrupt Governor by Getty Images

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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