Louisiana State Treasurer: We're on Path to Financial Disaster

Oh goodie, Louisiana is about to go bankrupt and nobody seems to mind.

State Treasurer John Schroder took shots at Governor John Bel Edwards for expanding the size of government so rapidly that revenues coming in is not matching the costs to run the operation.

Schorder says Louisiana is on course for financial disaster.

This will be a topic of conversation at the Legislative Session next week.

Schroder is sick & tired of hearing about how great the state is doing because, in short, things ain't go that well, folks!

Schroder said, "After spending 10 years in the legislature fighting and battling over this and battling over that, you can’t tell me just because you raised $600 million in taxes that everything is just wonderful."

Edwards reacted to the comments by saying if Schroder doesn’t believe the state is doing better than it was three years ago (election time), he's wrong.

But who are you gonna trust: Schroder or Bel Edwards?

The answer should be obvious.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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