Museum Covers Art After Muslims Complain About Being Offended

A popular West London art gallery has bent the knee to the rage mob after local Muslims complained about being offended displayed paintings.

The Saatchi Gallery recently featured an exhibit with paintings from an artist known as SKU. The work displayed Arabic script on top of nude images. 

The artist says the paintings represent the conflict between America and Islamic extremists.

One painting contained a hint of the Islamic declaration of faith, known as the shahada.

This painting prompted complaints from Muslims who asked that the paintings be removed from the gallery.

Strangely, the gallery agreed, and covered the painting.

The artist, SKU, said the painting represents a "toxic spew" of media images, including the degradation of women and propaganda intended to "illicit support for a cause and demonize others."

Surprisingly, the gallery rejected the request to remove the painting but the artist requested it be covered up.

The gallery says they "fully support" freedom expression.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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