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Crack Pipe Found in Hunter Biden's Rental Car

Back during the 2016 election, when all the focus of the media was directed towards the Clintons and the Trumps, the Biden family had a little brush with the law.

Days before the election, Hunter Biden, son of 2020 Presidential hopeful Joe Biden, returned a rental car to an Arizona Hertz location in the middle of the night. Inside that car police discovered a used crack pipe, two DC driver's licenses, multiple credit cards, a Delaware Attorney General badge and a US Secret Service business card belonging to Hunter Biden, according to police documents.

Hunter rented the vehicle in California and intended to return it to Prescott, Arizona. Instead of leaving the car keys in the customer drop box, Hunter left them in the gas tank compartment of the vehicle, according to a police report. Also found in the car were several cards containing Hunter Biden's real name, Robert Biden, along with a pipe that police later determined was used to to smoke illicit drugs.

Police also found "a white powdery substance in the arm rest of the vehicle", according to the police report.

It should be noted that Hunter Biden was discharged from the Navy in 2014 after testing positive for cocaine.

Believe it or not, this story actually gets weirder.

The next morning, after the car had already been dropped off, someone called the Hertz car rental location and identified themselves as "Joseph McGee" before telling the car rental employees the keys were located in the gas tank compartment, not the customer drop box.

According to police, "McGee" told the car rental employees, "his friend was feeling sick so they didn’t know what to do".

Police traced the number and found the call had originated from a renowned "Colon Hydrotherapist" who worked in the area.

Police were unable to locate "Joseph McGee" or Hunter Biden.

A lab text conducted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety later determined the pipe was used to smoke cocaine.

Biden is repeatedly referred to as a suspect in the 23 pages of police documents but local authorities declined to prosecute him for the incident.

Thumbnail photo by Getty Images

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