The Next Obama Isn't Beto, It's Mayor Pete

Mayor Pete Buttigieg (prounced "Booty-Jijge", or just "Mayor Pete" for short) let loose on a foreign policy speech today at the University of Indiana.

He criticized Trump for rolling back Obama's foreign policy. Mayor Pete praised Obama's Iran deal. He complained that Trump did foreign policy by early morning Tweet. He also said Trump was acting “impulsively, erratically, emotionally” in foreign affairs.  

He said that you wouldn't see a President Mayor Pete exchange love letters with a brutal dictator that starved his people and killed his own family, referring to NoKo dictator Kim JOng Un.

We are supposed to give a lot of credit to Mayor Pete--he served in Afghanistan and speaks 8 languages. This makes him better than Trump at foreign policy. Apparently.

He also criticized the government of Israel over the Palestinian problems.  

Then he said this: rising white nationalism was more dangerous than radical Islamic terrorism.

“In the past decade, more Americans have been killed in America by right-wing extremists than by those inspired by Al Qaeda and ISIS,” he said. “We need to acknowledge this threat too, and redirect appropriate resources to combat right-wing extremism and violent white nationalism.”

That line--more people were killed by right wing extremists than by Islamists got me thinking.

So, I checked.

Mayor Pete is wrong.

Between 2008 and 2018 127 Americans lost their lives on American soil to Islamic terrorism.

During the same period, 42 Americans were killed by right wingers.

If these numbers are readily available, 1) how did Mayor Pete get his math so wrong, and 2) why would he do that?

To answer the first question--if you call shootings by demonstrably crazy people (Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, Aurora, Colorado, Gabby Giffords, Parkland, etc) "right wing" terror, then you will come up with a figure that's higher. What Mayor Pete is saying is that all crazy people are white supremacists.  

If you're crazy, you might as well be considered a member of the KKK, according to the new Alfred E. Neuman.

Of course, he won't dare tackle the question of homicides in places like Chicago and Baltimore. Somehow, I don't think the Crips, the Latin Kings, and the Bloods are right-wingers.

To answer the second question of why would he do that, well I believe that he is trying to burnish his white guilt credentials by painting all criminal shootings as the result of those awful NRA members. Additionally, he is going with the latest trope that the US is a hotbed of racist terrorism that needs unregulated immigration to defeat the influence of the straight, white man.

Frankly, I think Mayor Pete is this cycle's Barack Obama--He's a radical leftist bent on the destruction of society, all wrapped up in a cute, gap-toothed, Midwestern aw shucks package.

If you don't believe Mayor Pete, then you should go get yourself fitted for a hood and sheet. Right. Now.

Sandra Peterson

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