ICE Released List of Known Rapist & Murders Protected by Sanctuary Cities

If you're the type person who actually cares about known criminals living in your community, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released a list of dangerous illegal aliens recently released from jail by officials in sanctuary cities. Not surprisingly, many of these dangers to society went on to commit other crimes after being released.

Washington and Oregon, two states controlled by mostly Democrats, have some of the nation's most reckless sanctuary laws in the country to protect illegal immigrants from federal apprehension.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee (a Democrat, of course) signed a bill in May that prohibits jails and prisons from honoring ICE detainers. The bill literally bars officials from notifying ICE when a criminal illegal immigrant is about to be released into the public.

Daily Caller reports:

The newly minted law puts Washington on par with Oregon and California in terms of the level of restriction placed against federal immigration authorities. Federal law enforcement officials argue that their job becomes much more difficult with these laws, and communities are put in more danger.
“There is an inherent increase in risk to personnel and bystanders when ICE officers and agents must go out into the community to proactively locate these previously detained criminal aliens,” read a press release from the agency. “ICE commends our local law enforcement colleagues who work to minimize that risk by cooperating with ICE to apprehend criminal aliens at the time of their release from local custody.”
In a bid to show the horrific consequences of sanctuary laws, ICE on Monday released details of some of the criminals in Washington and Oregon custody who went on to evade ICE apprehension.

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