Foot In Mouth: Biden's 'Gay Waiter' Comment Sparks Controversy (video)

Over the weekend Shotgun Joe once again did the thing he's most famous for: putting his foot in his mouth.

Fox News reports:

During a campaign fundraiser in Seattle on Saturday, the former vice president tried to illustrate how far the United States has come when it comes to the treatment of the LGBT community, but he apparently missed the mark.
Biden claimed that just five years ago, it would have been acceptable for a businessman to make “fun of a gay waiter,” the Washington Examiner reported. Those in attendance at the event, which took place at the home of public relations executive and gay rights activist Roger Nyhus, made it clear that was not the case - at least not in their city.
“Not in Seattle!” people called out, claiming that homophobic comments would not have been condoned in 2014.
The point of Biden’s remarks, delivered as the LGBT community and their allies celebrated Pride Weekend, was that the United States has made progress. He said the hypothetical businessman he spoke of “would not be invited back” today.
Biden also spoke about how he supported same-sex marriage when he was vice president, according to the Seattle Times, telling White House officials that the American people were in favor of this, even if leadership was lagging behind on the issue.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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